Spring Cleanout Season: the best organizing advice from Spark Joy

The main message of Marie Kondo's groundbreaking and unconventional how-to book, Spark Joy, summarized (in photo) by Start Publishing.   Marie Kondo Spark Joy

Basically it's FOCUS on what you absolutely love, what *Sparks Joy*. Utilize and display what you love. Get rid of anything else. If you take this seriously, you can take clutter out of your way forever and make your life simpler. You can start to LIVE. Her followers swear it works, especially when done thoroughly and completely (going through allll your stuff over a good amount of time). 

I'read' the audiobook and loved it, and we all know I'm a picker/collector/upcycler/ hoarder who finds joy in too many places!

My two cents--> Make a concerted effort to *DONATE* the "anything else". Make it a part of your tidying up process. Designate a donate box/area like you would recycling or garbage.

Do not put your old usable items in the trash cycle-- put them in the #thriftcycle! Check all donation bins you use to be sure that they are actually for a good cause. Or bring to a local, non-corporate thrift store to support your community and small-biz owners that you appreciate. (Pictures below are housewares seen at Asburt Park's Salvage Angel store and some of Paradox's creations, upcycled from vintage jewelry parts and dominoes!)  Ebay is also super easy and can earn you extra cash. Etc etc etc! ...Then, maybe come to Paradox Thrift to celebrate and guiltlessly find a piece that Sparks Joy! ; ).




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